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What is Enfamille? / and / What i’m looking forward to? (or not)

Well Hello World
I hope you like this blog post its took ages!!!!!!!!

Question 1)What is enfamille????????
Enfamille is a super cool organisation that organises exchanges for kids!!!!!!!!!
These exchanges can be 3 or 6 monthes long  (im doing a 6 month one!!!).
And basically what happens is you fill in heaps of forms,
then enfamille reads them and makes you go to a boring meeting and interview,
were you meet people who have already done the exchange.
(i made a new friend there called jess she has 8!!!! brothers and sisters!!!!)
The exchanges are always made with different countrys.
So people from Engaland can exchange with people from France, germany or spain.
(i’m going to France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Question 2)What am i looking forward too??????? (or not)
Well thats a hard question to answer …
I suppose i’m looking forward to learning french obv’s.
I’m looking forward to a new culture and way of life.
I also can’t wait to make loads of new friends.
But i am going to miss my mum, dad, sister friends and family a lot!!!!!!!!!

Well bye from tigermonkee XXXXX

The Journey

Well Hello World
This is the first  REAL post on this blog
and it’s all about my journey to my French family. 
Were i have 3 sisters. (anyway back to the point).

My journey started last Sunday when we first left our house in England at 3′O clock.
Then we drove to the euro-tunnel that took  2  1/2 hours  Then 20 mins on the train.
Then quick drive to a B&B put our stuff in our room and went to a MacDonald’s (grrrrrr)
(i do NOT like MacDonald’s)Then we went back to our rooms and watched
Alvin And The Chipmunks Chipwrecked.
Then went to bed.

The next day we set of at 7 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING
and drove to a supermarket were we bought croissants for breakfast
and also bread, choc milk, fruit and cheese for lunch
then we ate breakfast and drove of again for ages and i fell asleep.
Later on we parked in a little car park and had lunch which was nice.
Then we set of and drove for a few more hours
then we arrived at the house our friends Le ciel rouge are house-sitting.

Well that’s what’s happened so far i will update when we have done more travelling

Sorry this is not the most exciting blog post ever but its what’s happened
bye bye from Tigermonkee