A day at the Amphitheatre.

Hi baby tigers (that’s what i’m calling you guys from now on)
here is an essay I wrote as history home work. but i thought i would share it  with you guys.

The show began with a parade of gladiators led by tubicines (trumpeters). They would have marched two by two, carrying their helmet, shield, sword etc. They would have entered by the west entrance. Their would also be an orchestra playing as an accompaniment. Then their would be beast displays and venationes staged in the morning. Then at lunch time there would be executions, according to the Zliten mosaic the prisoners were bound poles on a wheeled contraptions, that were then pushed forwards towards wild animals that would maul them to death. This form of execution was called domnatio ad bestias. This was often used as a form of punishment for early Christian martyers. After that their would be bouts of single combat between gladiators, each bout was refereed by a lanista with a long rod. It was up to the organiser of the games to decide what kind of fight these would be and who would fight. Often there would be differently equipped gladiators fighting, for example a secutor against a retiarius. Each fight would take place until one gladiator was seriously injured. Then the trumpets would blow and the lanista would go and restrain the victor. The wounded man would then appeal for missio (mercy) to the munerarius (sponsor of the games). Who would ask the crowd to decide whether missio should be granted. Then after the fights the spectators would leave and the slaves would clean up the blood etc. and feed the animals, then they would leave as well.

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